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Nebulizer Therapy

Nebulizers—which aerosolize respiratory medications for direct deposition in the upper and lower airways—are offered for use in the treatment of many diseases, including COPD and asthma. Lincare offers electronic and portable nebulizers to correspond with any patient lifestyle need or requirement.

Additionally, Lincare’s Reliant Pharmacy facilitates direct patient delivery of respiratory medications as prescribed by the physician. Lincare respiratory medication and nebulizer patients benefit from on-going clinical support that leads to overwhelmingly positive outcomes in terms of patient compliance. Plus, with a varied formulary, Lincare is able to provide nebulized clinical equivalents to many metered or dry powder inhalers on the market. This offers a specific benefit to our patients in the midst of a progressive disease state that disallows proper deposition to the lungs via inhaler.

Our formulary includes:

  • Albuterol Sulfate
  • Ipratropium Bromide
  • Albuterol 2.5mg/Ipratropium 0.5mg in a 3 ml vial
  • Perforomist ®
  • Arformoterol Tartrate
  • Budesonide
  • Yupelri