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Lincare's Care Check® program is a clinical service designed to meet the needs of patients with early-stage Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Through enhanced patient education, we strive to deliver a higher level of patient compliance with medically-established protocols. We also work with physicians to obtain clinical feedback in a timely manner, which impacts the day-to-day management of COPD and ultimately enhances the quality of life for each patient. This program is a complimentary service that is provided as a standard of care to all Lincare patients in an effort to leverage education and early intervention as a means to slow the disease process.

  • Components of the Care Check® program include:
  • Home visits by licensed Clinical Specialists
  • Detailed and on-going clinical education on the disease process
  • Respiratory assessment with oximetry screening when applicable
  • Follow-up on prescribed therapies and equipment management