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5 Common Respiratory Symptoms to Watch for in Children

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With millions of children suffering from respiratory disorders in the United States, recognizing the signs and symptoms in children and infants can help.


Coughing Exercises

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Because it can be difficult to cough up mucus—especially with a weakened cough reflex—it is important to drink enough fluids to keep your mucus thin and loose. Check with your practitioner to determine how much fluid you should drink daily to keep your cough effective.


Fall and Winter Advice for Respiratory Patients

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Staying healthy is more important than ever for patients with chronic lung diseases. Some every day rules to help you stay healthy and minimize the risk of exposure to viruses and infections include washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds , sanitizing between washes, quit smoking, caring for your teeth and gums, avoiding germs, and considering vaccinations like the flu shots. There are even more considerations you may not have thought of to help you stay healthy.


Walking Exercises

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Start with short walks to strengthen your breathing and walking muscles.

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