Our Approach

Our mission is to help detect early signs of chronic respiratory illness, so that we may be an extension of your care in managing patients. Together, through Lincare’s clinical services and products, we can enable our patients with chronic respiratory conditions to remain engaged in life and have peace of mind that we are partnered together as their clinical support system.

As a Medical professional, it can often be challenging to know what is going on outside of your treatment facility. With Lincare’s clinical programs, we can be your eyes and ears in the patient’s home and support you with the following:

  • Early detection and intervention
  • Strong clinical intervention through CareCheck™ and overnight oximetry
  • Education to patients and providers
  • Help reduce readmission rates
  • Provide baseline testing to assist in making more informed treatment decisions
  • On-going follow-up reporting and monitoring of patient’s progress with therapy

Lincare's Four C's

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  • We offer mail-order services such as pharmacy, monthly PAP, Oxygen, Suction, and Trach supplies.
  • Courier services provided for Independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF) to perform overnight oximetry testing.
  • PAP education classes, remote and in office setups.
  • Home delivery of equipment.
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  • We accept a variety of plans from insurance companies at all of our locations. To verify if an insurance plan is accepted for services, please contact your local Center.
  • Using Reliant Pharmacy Service® for respiratory medications can be cost effective for patients.
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  • Patient usage is monitored with feedback to physicians.
  • Clinical support is provided for patients who are non-compliant, resulting in positive outcomes for the patient and improved compliance with medication or therapy.
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Clinical Support

  • Monthly follow-ups to improve compliance.
  • Patient assessments in the home, details reported back to the physician.
  • Clinical follow-up completed 24-48 hours from setup.

Tips for Your Whole Health

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