How to Read Your Bill

Pay Your Bill
Navigating Your Statement.
We understand that when you receive your bill from Lincare you may have questions. Below we created a guide to help you understand the different sections and billing codes.

If you still have questions, read our Billing Frequently Asked Questions or reach out to your local billing office, you can find this phone number in the top left of your bill (section 1 below) or contact the corporate billing team at 1-800-284-2006 and press 4.

1 Customer Service Contacts - Phone numbers for billing and service centers.

2 Customer ID - This is the number that is associated with your account. You may be asked to provide this number to access your account.
Invoice Date - This is the date the bill for service was generated.

3 Customer Beginning Balance - Unpaid charges from previous statement.
Current activity - Lists detailed current activity on the account. Detailed information is also provided for any adjustment made on the account. All adjustments are assigned a remark code.
Service Date - This is the actual date the service was rendered.
Service Code - This is the HCPCS (healthcare common procedures coding system) code of the item being billed.
Amount Billed - List price of the item being billed.
Insurance Allowed Amount - The amount insurance allows to be billed for item.
Insurance Amount Due - The amount expected from the insurance company based on co-insurance.
Tax - Tax is applied, if applicable.
Customer Amount Due - The amount due from the patient based on co-insurance.
Remark code description - The key below provides a sample of common remark code descriptions that may appear on the statement.

4 Total insurance pending - The amount outstanding pending payment from insurance company.

5 Account balance information - Both current and past due balance information is provided. Current balance plus past due balance field equal the total amount due upon receipt.
Current Balance - The current charges due.
Past Due Balance - The charges greater than 30 days past due.
Total Amount Due - The total charges that include current and past due amounts.

6 Payment options - The payment options now include pay by phone and pay online in addition to check or credit card options (MasterCard, Visa, American Express).

7 Address and insurance changes - Please go to the patient portal in order to update or change your insurance, phone(s), and address(es).

Remittance coupon - The remittance coupon is located at the bottom of the invoice. Detach and include with your payment.


Adjustment reason/remark codes
Reason code  Current reason Information 
 65  TRANSFER BAL TO CORRECT PAYEE  Transfer balance - billing correction
 67  DEDUCTIBLE  Amount insurance has defined as patient responsibility for payment
 74  PAYMENT DUE FROM CUSTOMER Amount insurance has defined as patient responsibility for payment
 92  CREDIT BALANCE TRANSFER Previous invoice credit applied to open invoice balance
 93  CUST PAY CREDIT TRSFR-SYSTEM Previous invoice credit applied to open invoice balance

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