August 16, 2022

Billing Frequently Asked Questions

Female adult looking at paper bill
We understand that you may have questions when you receive your bill from Lincare. Below we have created a list of frequently asked questions to help.
How do I pay my bill online?

Access and manage your medical billing history, including current and past statements, and securely pay your bills online with paperless billing. View here.

How do I read my bill?

We understand that when you receive your bill from Lincare you may have questions. View our guide that was created to help you understand the different sections of your bill and billing codes.

How can I tell if my insurance was billed?

To find that information, please refer to the right-hand corner of your invoice under the section titled "Total Insurance Pending" to see the amount that was billed to your insurance. You can also look at a sample bill to see where this will be located on your billing statement.

My account is set up on auto pay (recurring payments). Why am I receiving a bill?

You will continue to receive a statement to allow you to review charges and payments to your account. If you would like to stop receiving a statement or receive paperless billing, please log in to the Patient Portal, click Profile, and then click Settings to make these changes. Alternatively, call the number on your statement to speak with Customer Service.

I returned my equipment. Why am I still being billed for that month?

If the equipment was returned after the bill date, you will still be responsible for the entire month.

How do I get an itemized copy of my bill?

Please contact the number on your statement to speak with a representative who can provide that documentation to you.

I’m unable to reach billing, what’s the best way to contact the billing department?

In the middle of your statement is the direct line for your billing office.

Patient has passed away. Equipment needs picked up, what do I do?

Please contact your local center to arrange pick up. They will need to know the date the patient passed away.

My service date shows last month’s service but the invoice date is the current month, does this mean I’m behind on my bill?

Your bill shows activities that took place the month prior, and is past due if there’s a past due balance. As seen in section 2 below:

Billing Statement with Past Due Balance highlighted

Why have there been two claims billed to my insurance company?

If your insurance does not pay 100% of your charges, you will have co-insurance (your portion) billed to you.  In the event we present a claim to your insurance (insurance portion) and they deem it your responsibility for deductible, these charges would be transferred to you creating a second invoice for the same item for the same service date.

Additional Support

If you still have questions please reach out to your local billing office, you can find this phone number in the top left of your bill or contact the corporate billing team at 1-800-284-2006 and press 4.

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