December 16, 2022

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Author: Melanie Kjar

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How can we help? We’ve compiled a list of quick links and FAQs that are the most popular to help answer your questions. Can't find what you're looking for below? Use the search bar in the top right corner, this can be useful in finding a topic.

Quick Links

Where do I start?

Your physician or nurse practitioner has prescribed home respiratory therapy and/or durable medical equipment. Finding the right provider for your home care needs is a very personal process. You need a provider who not only understands your condition but will work to help you maintain your lifestyle and improve your health-related quality of life. Your Lincare Representative will get to know you and will work together with your prescribing practitioners to better understand your condition.

How can I contact a patient advocate for dispute resolution?

If you have an issue that has not been resolved through your local Lincare Center, our knowledgeable team of patient advocates can assist you whether your question relates to a specific product, billing matter, or other matter. To speak to a WeCare patient advocate, simply fill out the WeCare contact form or call us toll-free at 855-937-2238.

How can I prepare for an emergency situation?

Natural disasters, such as floods, tornados, and inclement weather, each have their own sets of challenges, so you need to be prepared. We have compiled some general practices to help you keep your respiratory treatment on track.

How do I read my bill?

We understand that when you receive your bill from Lincare you may have questions. View our guide to help you understand the different sections of your bill and billing codes. We also have a list of billing FAQs, if you seek additional help.

What is covered through Medicare?

If you are a Medicare beneficiary that requires durable medical equipment and/or respiratory therapy, you should know what is covered and what is not. Find out which home medical services are covered by Medicare, how much is covered, and more.

I am a Sleep Apnea Patient, what are the usage compliance and insurance requirements?

Sleep apnea affects nearly one in ten Americans, and many use CPAP machines to help treat their symptoms. To ensure you remain compliant and do not lose coverage you must follow the specific guidelines of your insurer.

When do I replace my CPAP supplies?

Taking proper care of your device and its accessories is essential to your health. This includes knowing when to replace your PAP supplies. Learn what you need to know to keep your PAP device functioning at its peak performance.

What content can be found in the Lincare learning center?

View and search articles that are relevant to you, by topic. We have created a hub for resources full of information and tips to help you learn about and get the most out of your prescribed therapy so that hopefully you can have a better tomorrow.

Additional Support

Didn't see what you were looking for? Please also review the Lincare Services Frequently Asked Questions.

If you still have a billing question, please reach out to your local billing office. You can find this phone number in the top left of your bill or contact the corporate billing team at 800-284-2006 and press 4.

Please also don't hesitate to reach out to your local Lincare Service location.

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