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Adding Automatic Fall Detection to your device is an additional $10 per month. Please review the user guides and manuals carefully for your Emergency Response System.

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The Caring Responders® medical alert button helps those most at risk to continue living independently, but with assistance always at the touch of a button.

Disclaimer: Information appearing on this website about the above device is being provided for your convenience only.  The complete information about this device should be obtained from the manufacturer.

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    Is the automatic fall detection feature guaranteed to work?


    It is not, due to the vast possibilities of the human experience, the technology to detect falls cannot detect every possible type of fall. It also might give false alerts if you sit or lay down too fast. A false alarm can also occur if you drop the button.

    How long do I have to wait for my unit to detect my fall?


    On average, our units can call for help within 60 seconds of the incident.

    What do I do if I fall and my detection does not place an alert?


    If you need help, press your button right away. Once you are safe, please contact our office to notify us so we may test your unit to verify it is working correctly. If it is not, we can send out a replacement button at no cost.

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