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The Libris® 2.0 Mobile is $39.95 per month. Please review the user guides and manuals carefully for your Emergency Response System.

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The Caring Responders® medical alert button helps those most at risk to continue living independently, but with assistance always at the touch of a button.

Disclaimer: Information appearing on this website about the above device is being provided for your convenience only.  The complete information about this device should be obtained from the manufacturer.

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    Do I have to have a cellular phone plan to use this device?​


    No, we provide the cellular connection for your Caring Responders® mobile device as a part of your monthly payment.

    Can the mobile unit be used to find a lost or wandering loved one?​


    Yes, our mobile units are equipped with a GPS. We can connect to the device at any time to get its most recent location.

    Can I wear my mobile unit in the shower or bath?​


    Yes, this device is water resistant to 3’ for up to 30 minutes.

  • User Guides
  • User Guides

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