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Enteral Nutrition Therapy via an NG-Tube, NJ-Tube, G-Tube, J-Tube, or GJ-Tube

We offer a complete enteral nutrition program, as prescribed by your practitioner, with optional assistance from our registered dietitians. This includes enteral nutrition formulas, a wide range of feeding tube supplies, and equipment suited to your needs. Education and support related to your treatment are also available.
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Oral Supplements

We offer oral nutrition supplements and formulas, as prescribed by your practitioner, with optional assistance from our registered dietitians. We can assist patients with a wide variety of needs, such as:

  • Infants with cow milk protein allergies who need a specialty infant formula
  • Patients with increased protein needs who would benefit from a protein supplements
  • Patients who cannot get adequate calories through food and would benefit from a high calorie supplement
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Reorder Supplies

We recommend placing an order 5-7 days prior to running out of prescribed items. This allows ample time to review order, address discrepancies and deliver via courier service. Please note that all formula and supply reorder requests are subject to review of shipping address, insurance information and prescription on file. If there are any discrepancies, we will contact you within 1 business day of submission confirmation to resolve.


Bill Pay

Billing Questions

If you are a current enteral patient, we know you may have questions about your bill. You can call 855-299-0900 or 866-901-0604 to reach an enteral billing specialist. Please refer to the top left corner of your statement for which of the billing phone numbers is associated with your account. Not sure where to find it? Read more here

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