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Our Approach
We know everyone has unique needs and lifestyles. That is why we offer an extensive selection of oxygen devices, including oxygen concentrators (stationary and portable oxygen systems), and oxygen cylinders to work in sync with your condition and medication. Our clinical experts will work closely with you and your provider to ensure you get the best device options to fit your treatment plan. High-quality patient care is our main goal. We provide 24/7 patient support, so you can get the support you need day or night.
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Oxygen Cylinders

Lincare offers oxygen cylinders for at-home or mobile use. These cylinders work well for daily use and in emergencies. Keep oxygen cylinders on hand to ensure you can continue your respiratory therapy when you need it most.
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Portable Oxygen Concentrators

Lincare offers stationary and portable oxygen concentrators so you can breathe easier wherever you are. Concentrators filter room air to deliver concentrated oxygen. These portable devices are lightweight and portable if you need a continuous oxygen supply to treat your condition on the go. 

Oxygen Conserving Devices

These devices control the flow of oxygen you receive by releasing it only when you inhale. Oxygen conserving devices extend the amount of time you can use each cylinder. Our devices are conveniently mobile and comfortable, so you can maximize your oxygen use anywhere. 
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Continuous Oxygen Monitors

Lincare's continuous and nocturnal oxygen monitors are non-invasive devices that measure your blood oxygen levels during therapy. they are user-friendly and help measure how certain activities impact your overall oxygen saturation. 


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