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Our Services Include:

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State-of-the-Art Equipment

Residents with chronic respiratory conditions have unique care requirements. We offer a full suite of equipment to meet their needs, including oxygen products, CPAP and bilevel machines, nebulizers, INR tests, heated high flow delivery systems, chest oscillating devices, and ventilators. Our team provides consistent and timely product deliveries and can conduct regular preventative maintenance of your facility's equipment.

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Experienced Respiratory Therapists

We are proud of our skilled clinical experts who deliver high-quality respiratory therapy in nursing homes to assist your residents and support your staff. Our Long-Term Care services conduct resident assessments, education for your team, on-site consultations, consulting for trach tube changes, and more. You will have access to skilled nursing facility respiratory therapists without adding the cost of new staff to your facility.

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Customizable Solutions

We understand that what works for other facilities may differ from what works for yours. We offer customizable solutions that meet the needs of your residents while reducing hospital readmissions and helping your bottom line. Get access to better care for your residents, help improve outcomes for your facility, and additional training and resources for your staff.

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Respiratory Equipment and Supplies for Facilities

The latest cutting-edge respiratory health equipment allows your residents to receive high quality treatments, such as nebulizers, PSI compressors, suction machines, heated humidifiers, cough assists, percussion vests, trach tubes and inner cannulas, plus speaking valves and spirometers. Disposable supplies can now be purchased by facilities through our online ordering site, Sign up for an account today to start shopping our extensive catalog of respiratory supplies.

24/7 Support

You and your staff strive to give your residents the best care possible. We go the extra mile to set your team and residents up for success. Lincare LTC's respiratory program will improve your case mix, allow your staff to learn new skills, and decrease the number of hospital readmissions.
We are available 24/7, so your team always has the support, supplies, and services they need.

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Quality Respiratory Products

Lincare LTC offers a wide variety of state of-the-art products to meet the needs of every resident.
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What Our Customers Say

Lincare LTC delivers oxygen and respiratory products and services to over 4,000 facilities nationwide. We can provide current customer references upon request.
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Medical Professional Resources

Lincare LTC partners with medical professionals in long-term care facilities to ensure they are educated and confident in the respiratory care they provide.

Tips for Your Whole Health

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