Why Your Long-Term Care Facility Needs Integrated Respiratory Therapy

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Modern healthcare must evolve to meet the changing needs of patients and long-term care facilities.

Patients with chronic respiratory diseases, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), require a unique approach to care that can tax facilities' resources. Between 1980 and 2014, the mortality rate from chronic respiratory disorders rose nearly 30% in the United States, demonstrating the ongoing challenges for healthcare organizations across the care spectrum.

What is integrated respiratory care?

Integrated respiratory care is a coordinated effort to meet the particular needs of patients with respiratory illnesses in your long-term care facility. It is a patient-centered, proactive and collaborative approach to delivering care that rethinks traditional healthcare boundaries and roles. Because of the distinctive care requirements of patients with pulmonary diseases, this approach often requires long-term care facilities to partner with specialized respiratory caregivers and equipment providers.

What are the benefits of integrated respiratory care?

Respiratory therapy in long-term facilities relies on clinical expertise to ensure the well-being of patients. Clinical leadership that encourages collaboration between nursing staff and respiratory specialists can help patients with lung conditions and may improve long-term outcomes.

This holistic patient-centered approach to chronic respiratory conditions offers many potential benefits to the residents of your facilities, including:

  • Better self-care
  • Disease prevention 
  • Promotion of lung health
  • Increased likelihood of early diagnosis
  • Improved long-term outcomes
  • Enhanced health-related quality of life

Finding an integrated respiratory care provider

Partnering with an integrated care provider may also introduce certain benefits to the facilities:

  • Education opportunities
  • New skill development for staff
  • State-of-the-art equipment and supplies
  • Preventative maintenance of facility-owned equipment
  • Reduced need for consultations and shorter lengths of stay

Creating an integrated care program for your long-term care facility might require a new line of thinking. When seeking an integrated care provider for your long-term care facility, look for a true partner. You want to find a respiratory care service focused on helping patients breathe more comfortably, while enabling the facility to achieve better outcomes through evidence-based guidelines.

Because the needs of your facility and residents are unique, a good care provider will help you customize solutions that work best for your practice. You should feel confident that your partner can enhance your residents' health-related quality of life, better manage your new admissions, and reduce hospital readmissions. When armed with the right equipment and knowledge, your staff, your residents, and your facility can all benefit.

Why partner with Lincare?

The Lincare Long-Term Care team consists of expert respiratory therapists and service technicians ready to help you customize solutions to meet the needs of your residents and staff. We're also a complete supplier of respiratory products to help your residents receive the best possible care. 

Lincare can help empower you to flourish in a changing healthcare landscape. Not only do we help residents with respiratory challenges to breathe easier, but we also help our partners achieve better outcomes through treatment protocols.

We're one of the largest suppliers of respiratory solutions in the world and are ready to help you achieve the best results by offering:

  • Customized respiratory care solutions
  • Resident-specific invoices
  • State-of-the-art equipment and supplies
  • Preventative maintenance of facility-owned equipment
  • Clinical consulting services
  • Continuum of Care option for facility discharges
  • Experienced respiratory therapists
  • Consistent and timely product deliveries
  • 24/7 availability and support
  • National coverage


Respiratory Equipment and Supplies for Facilities

The latest cutting-edge respiratory health equipment allows your residents to receive high quality treatments, such as nebulizers, PSI compressors, suction machines, heated humidifiers, cough assists, percussion vests, trach tubes and inner cannulas, plus speaking valves and spirometers. Disposable supplies can now be purchased by facilities through our online ordering site, LincareLongTermCare.com. Sign up for an account today to start shopping our extensive catalog of respiratory supplies.

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