What Is Covered by Medicare 

The rental costs of medically necessary equipment and accessories prescribed by a practitioner fall under the Durable Medical Equipment section of Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance). Medicare will help pay for equipment, supplies, and their delivery when a practitioner prescribes the treatment as medically necessary and when other conditions and required coverage criteria are met. Medicare will typically cover 80% of the Medicare-approved cost, after you meet your Part B deductible, and you will be responsible for the remaining 20% of the Medicare-approved amount, unless you have supplemental insurance that may pay for all or for a portion of the your out- of- pocket cost.

Oxygen Therapy

Lincare covers stationary oxygen, and for those patients that live an active lifestyle and qualify for coverage of a portable oxygen system, Lincare can also supply portable oxygen. Remember, Medicare covers 80% of the Medicare-approved cost, and you're responsible for 20% of the cost after meeting your Part B deductible.

Your practitioner will be able to make qualification determination based on medical necessity for such therapy.

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Travel or Moving with Oxygen

If you travel or move (either short-term travel, extended temporary relocation, or permanent relocation), for the remainder of the rental month for which the oxygen equipment and related items or services are billed, your supplier is required to provide such oxygen equipment, items or services, or make arrangements with a different supplier to provide the equipment, items, and services in your new area. For subsequent months during the 36-month rental period, your supplier is encouraged to either provide the equipment and related items/services or assist you in finding another supplier in your new area. After the 36-month rental period, your supplier is still responsible for ensuring that you have oxygen and oxygen equipment in your new location and cannot charge you in these situations. We have locations in 48 states and can assist with transferring your account to a new Lincare location.

Your oxygen supplier is not required to provide you with an airline-approved portable oxygen concentrator, and oxygen related to air travel is not covered by Medicare.

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