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The Genadyne® XLR8 Plus pump is compact and portal making it convenient for both inpatient and outpatient use. It features a user-friendly interface with clear, and easy to ready display and intuitive controls. The pump offers adjustable settings for negative pressure levels, cycle times and alarms, allowing healthcare professional to customize treatment based on patients needs. The Genadyne® XLR8 Plus pump device also incorporates advanced safety and monitoring features. It constantly monitors the pressure in the wound and alerts caregivers if the pressure falls outside the prescribed range.
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    How much battery time remains when the Critical Battery Alert is displayed?


    The unit will shut down in less than 2 minutes. This alert cannot be silenced until the power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet.

    Will my insurance company cover NPWT?


    Wound vacs are usually reimbursable under most private insurance companies and through Medicare Part B. We accept Medicare and most major insurance carriers in most states. Please contact us for more information about wound vac costs and insurance coverage.

    What is Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT)?


    Negative pressure wound therapy, or NPWT, is a commonly used modality (treatment) that helps increase blood flow to an area of the body and facilitate new tissue growth. It is a non-invasive, active therapy that helps speed the wound healing process.

    Does negative pressure wound therapy require a physician’s order?


    Yes, at this time, NPWT requires a physician’s order.

    Is NPWT used for all types of wounds?


    While negative pressure wound therapy effectively treats various wound types, there are certain kinds of wounds it cannot treat. These include:

    • Necrotic (dead) tissue with eschar
    • Osteomyelitis (inflamed bones)
    • Wounds with active cancer
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    The manufacturer's documentation for the Genadyne® XLR8 Plus NPWT Pump is as follows:
    medical bandages
    medical bandages
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