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The ResMed® AirFit™ F40 is a full face mask that features a flexible silicone cushion that creates a secure and comfortable seal against the face reducing leaks and improving overall therapy effectiveness. The mask also has a convenient quick release elbow that allows for easy disconnection from the tubing without having to remove the entire mask. The AirFit™ F40 is lightweight and has a sleek, minimal design, making it an excellent option for users who prefer a less intrusive mask experience.

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SleepEaze™ Program

SleepEaze™ program is a Lincare service designed to educate you about sleep-disordered breathing.

The SleepEaze™ program offers:

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  • Education regarding your disease
  • Prescribed therapies and equipment management
  • Overnight oximetry testing if prescribed by practitioner
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Additional Supplies to Purchase on Your Own offers a wide range of masks, pillows, humidifiers, and other supplies to make your PAP treatment more comfortable.

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Companion App: myAir™ by ResMed®

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Companion App: myAir™ by ResMed®

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  • Automated coaching and support tailored to you.
  • Videos, tips, and how-to instructions to answer common questions.

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    What is the difference between the new F40 and the F30 I currently use?


    The F40 and F30 have a key difference, which is the AdaptiSeal™ cushion on the F40. It is more flexible and can move around the face more freely. Additionally, the F40 features a flexible frame. Although the headgear can be adjusted, it cannot be adjusted at the top of the head like the F30.

    What type of patient would benefit from the AirFit™ F40?


    The AirFit™ F40 is a versatile full-face mask that caters to a wide range of users. It is ideal for those who breathe through their mouth while asleep, sleep on their side, and want the freedom to move as they sleep. The mask is designed to be small and lightweight, with minimal facial contact.

    How long does it take for CPAP therapy to work?


    CPAP therapy is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Every patient is different, and symptoms can exacerbate based on everything from the severity of your condition to your sleeping position and how you breathe during sleep. Because of this, you might start seeing an improvement right away, or it could take longer than anticipated. At Lincare, we'll work closely with you to ensure your therapy is as effective as possible and that you receive the maximum benefits from your CPAP treatment.

    I keep getting air leaks with my masks. What should I do?


    It's important to avoid over-tightening your headgear when using a mask, as this can lead to leaks and discomfort. Tightening the top straps excessively can cause leaks around the mouth while tightening the bottom straps too much can result in the air blowing into the eyes. To prevent leaks, loosen the headgear and gradually tighten the straps until the leak stops. Keep in mind that worn-out masks or mask parts may also be a cause of leaks, so they may need to be replaced. If adjusting headgear does not alleviate the leak, contact your local center to request a mask refit.
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    The manufacturer's documentation for the ResMed® AirFit™ F40 Full Face Mask is as follows:
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