September 27, 2022

Lincare Releases Statement About Hurricane Ian

This is a safety message from Lincare regarding Hurricane Ian.

Dear Patients:

As Hurricane Ian is forecasted to move toward Florida, we remind you of emergency evacuation and preparedness steps. Lincare wants to make sure you have everything you need during this potential event. 

If your equipment utilized battery power, make sure you plug into an electrical outlet now to maximize battery life in case of a loss of electricity. You may need to evacuate, look NOW for a location that accepts electronically powered medical devices and will have back-up generators. If you do evacuate, bring all necessary medical equipment, and supplies with you. 

Lincare will continue to operate and service our patients as we are able. Remember, in any emergency, contact your local emergency service or 9-11 as your primary contact. 

We hope you remain safe. Below are some links you might find helpful:

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