December 29, 2020

Lincare® Discharge Services for Residents Who Chose Lincare​®

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It’s pretty safe to say that anyone who’s familiar with the world of discharge planning from a skilled nursing facility is acutely aware of the obstacles that skilled facility and nursing home discharge planners face on a daily basis.

Each resident presents with his or her own unique set of co-morbidities, limitations, needs and diagnoses that make the proper management of the nursing home discharge an art form for those devoted to improving the quality and length of life of their homebound resident/patient. 

A recent resident discharge from a skilled nursing facility in the Youngstown, Ohio service area illustrates this point. The discharge provided a set of complications and obstacles for a discharge planner facing multiple same day discharges. The resident required a durable medical equipment (DME) company’s aid to include a hospital bed, commode, and walker; the patient was prescribed bi-level therapy at night; a home pharmacy delivery service needed to be brought into the loop for the respiratory medication that was administered daily via nebulizer to minimize COPD exacerbations; the resident also required access to negative pressure wound therapy devices and was also taking the blood thinner Warfarin, necessitating a home INR testing monitor to minimize unnecessary trips out to point-of-care for INR management.

Depending on whom the resident chooses, this nursing home discharge alone may require the social worker to contact and enroll the resident with no less than 6 different vendors before the resident could be safely discharged home. Countless phone calls, emails, and enrollment paperwork including necessary chart documentation would have to be provided multiple times to obtain these services. The likelihood of the needed items being authorized by insurance and delivered in the same timeframe was also an impossibility. Welcome to the world of discharge planning from a skilled facility! Wouldn’t it be great if there was another way…. 

With that scenario in mind, please take a moment to meet and greet your Lincare® specialized concierge. This concierge service brings fast and smooth transitions for residents/patients transferring from a skilled nursing facility to home where these residents/patients have chosen Lincare® to be their home health provider.

If your resident has selected Lincare® or a Lincare® affiliated entity as their provider for one or more of the services offered by Lincare® or a Lincare® Affiliate, the concierge service will provide you with dedicated care coordinators that will navigate the entire process for resident transition from the facility to their home with all the Lincare services they have selected. In other words, in the scenario above, if the resident chose Lincare® for all of their home care needs listed, a single call by the discharge planner to the Lincare® specialized concierge will begin the discharge process. The discharge planner does not have to call a separate number or location for each Lincare® service selected by the resident.

This concierge service is brought to you by Lincare®, the nation’s largest homecare provider, and we aspire to bring fast and smooth transitions for residents/patients that choose Lincare® when transferring from a skilled nursing facility to home. The concierge service will provide you with dedicated care coordinators that will navigate the entire process. Without further ado, let your Lincare® concierge know how we can serve your transitioning residents today!


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