Home Oxygen Therapy: What You Need to Know

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Home oxygen therapy is an effective therapy option for a variety of chronic respiratory conditions.

Living with a chronic respiratory condition can feel overwhelming, isolating, and frustrating. But with today's advancements in medical treatment, you can successfully receive oxygen therapy as an effective method to provide your body with the oxygen it needs to function normally.

There are several types of oxygen therapy available to you. Your healthcare provider will prescribe the treatment that works best for your condition and lifestyle. If you are eligible, you can complete your oxygen therapy right from home, allowing you to improve your health without disrupting your daily routine. Keep these things in mind when considering home oxygen therapy:

There are different therapy options available

Thanks to modern advancements in healthcare, there are various types of home oxygen therapy devices you can choose from:

  • Oxygen concentrators filter room air so you can breathe concentrated oxygen, which is ideal if you need a continuous oxygen supply to treat your condition.
  • Portable oxygen concentrators are lightweight and portable enough to take anywhere.
  • Conserving devices control the flow of oxygen you receive by only releasing it when you inhale. Oxygen conserving devices extend the time your portable oxygen supply will last.
  • High-pressure cylinders are portable oxygen tanks that are designed for travel and when you are on the go. Ideal for everyday use or in emergencies.
  • Continuous Oxygen Monitors are non-invasive and measure your blood oxygen levels during therapy. These devices are useful for measuring how certain activities impact your overall oxygen saturation.

Find the oxygen delivery device that best suits your condition and lifestyle so you can complete therapy as you go about your daily routine. 

Home oxygen therapy treats multiple conditions

Various conditions can cause low blood oxygen levels. These include:

  • COVID-19
  • Cystic fibrosis
Home oxygen therapy provides more freedom

There are many benefits of oxygen therapy at home, such as a greater sense of independence, convenience, and fewer disruptions to your daily routine. Learning how to do oxygen therapy at home eliminates the stress and inconvenience of regular clinic visits or a stay in a hospital or long-term care facility. The mental and emotional perks of fulfilling your treatment at home can help improve your condition and lead to better overall health.

At-home treatment is safe

As long as you take any necessary precautions, home oxygen therapy is a safe treatment option. Keep in mind that oxygen is highly combustible, so never smoke or handle flammable items during treatment. If you use oxygen tanks, always store them securely and in an upright position.

Lincare can work with your healthcare provider to help design a treatment plan

Learning to manage your respiratory condition can seem daunting at first. Lincare's team of clinical experts will design a home oxygen program that aligns with your prescription and lifestyle. We offer oxygen products and delivery methods tailored to serve your specific needs. Our trusted oxygen solutions improve oxygen intake, allowing you to breathe more easily, increase your stamina, and enhance your overall health care related quality of life. We are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions and provide assistance.

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