April 21, 2023

Oxygen Conserving Devices: Innovations in Oxygen Therapy

Author: Jessica Fox

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An oxygen conserving device (OCD) regulator is a medical device that attaches to an oxygen tank and can help patients conserve the amount of oxygen they are using in place of a traditional oxygen flow regulator. OCDs are particularly useful for people with respiratory illnesses such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), asthma, or other lung diseases that affect the body’s ability to take in oxygen.

What are some benefits of Oxygen Conserving Devices?

  • Reduces Oxygen Waste: A conserving device regulator can help minimize oxygen waste by delivering oxygen in controlled pulses, instead of a continuous flow.
  • Conserves Oxygen: An OCD can effectively conserve oxygen by releasing small amounts of oxygen as a patient inhales. This ensures that the oxygen supply lasts longer, reducing the frequency of tank refills.
  • Enhances Patient Comfort: OCDs are designed to provide oxygen to patients in a more comfortable and natural way. The OCD releases oxygen with each inhalation which mimics the normal breathing process.
  • Increased Portability: A conserving device regulator can be used with smaller oxygen tanks, making it more portable and easier to carry while performing activities of daily living.
  • Increases Cylinder Duration: An OCD can increase the duration of your cylinder, allowing patients to use a smaller lightweight cylinder or increasing the time a cylinder lasts.

A prescription is required from your healthcare provider for any of the oxygen conserving device regulators on the market. OCDs can be pneumatic or battery-operated. OCD’s have the option to be used in a continuous flow mode. Check out the chart below to show the variations of OCD’s and tank duration times based on your prescribed liter flow.

Oxygen Conserving Device Savings Chart (Savings will depend on patient's actual breaths per minute. 


Oxygen conserving device regulators can provide numerous benefits for patients with respiratory diseases and is a great option for those who can tolerate them. They drive tank efficiency, reduce oxygen waste, promote mobility, and enhance patient comfort, which can lead to greater compliance with oxygen therapy regimens. If you are interested in exploring the oxygen conserving devices available to you at Lincare, consult with your healthcare provider first about whether an OCD may be appropriate for you.

Please note that the device depicted is an example of what may be available. The actual device provided may be different. Device availability and inventory levels are subject to change without notice. Devices may require a valid prescription.

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