December 29, 2020

Pet Recommendations for Patients

Author: Haley Hestekin

Dog in outdoor kennel
While many of us love our furry friends and cannot imagine our lives without them, it is important to keep in mind that they do pose a threat to your home medical device. If your device is not stored properly or placed out of reach from your pet, your device could be at risk. Cords could be chewed; devices could be knocked off of lower tables or your device could be covered in pet hair or slobber.

Additionally, you may have Lincare employees that deliver or visit your home. Lincare employees will not enter your home unless your pet has been secured beyond the point of contact to ensure their safety. Although we realize your pet may be very friendly, and in your opinion, harmless, pets can be very protective of their owners around strangers.

We have created a few pet recommendations for keeping your device and visitors safe:

  1. Complete a home risk assessment. Walk through and inspect your home for any specific spots that may not be a safe spot to store your home medical device.
  2. Be aware of any cords that may be close to the ground that your pet could potentially chew or pull off a higher surface.
  3. Store your home medical device in lower locations that are sturdy and high enough that your pet cannot nudge or accidently knock them over.
  4. Don’t keep any extra supplies in the open. Store them out of reach and in an enclosed closet or cabinet so your pet does not have access to them.
  5. Do not store your home medical device close in proximity to where you feed your pets.
  6. Prepare for your delivery/visit. Know what time a delivery or home visit is occurring and make sure your pet is contained for the duration of the visit so that the delivery or visit can occur smoothly. Keep in mind that some individuals may have allergies to pets or simply, may be uncomfortable with them. Lincare employees reserve the right to kindly ask you to secure your pet beyond point of contact for any delivery or visit. If your pet is not secured beyond the point of contact, Lincare employees will not enter your home.

In the case of bringing a new pet into the house, these pet recommendations become of even more prominence as your pet is still gathering their bearings of the home. They may be a bit more adventurous or curious, which makes them more likely to get into things that they maybe should not.

These are just a few simple pet recommendations for keeping your home medical device safe. Even if your dog, cat, or other house pet is well-behaved you never know what they may get into. Any pet brings an element of unpredictability into a home despite countless hours of training. Keep in mind, pets sometimes act differently around different people. When it comes to pets, error on the side of caution and be proactive in protecting your home medical device.

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