June 20, 2023

Planning Your Next Adventure on Oxygen

Author: Jessica Fox

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Lincare provides travel assistance with your oxygen as one of our essential services to our existing oxygen patients. To travel safely with portable oxygen or to ensure a stationary unit is available at your long-term destination, it's important to coordinate with your local center to plan your travel arrangements. We will assist you in coordinating with local Centers along your travel route.

Here are a couple of steps you must take before starting your next trip:

  • Contact your local Center to notify them of your travel.
    • Provide as much notice as possible (two weeks minimum)
    • Provide the dates range of trip
    • Specify the equipment needed (Concentrator, Tanks, Cart)
    • Form of travel (Car, plane, cruise, train, or other means)
    • Full destination address, including hotel or resort name
  • Obtain a copy of your prescription from your local Center or your prescribing physician to carry with you throughout your travels.
  • Check with your physician. If you are going to an area with a vastly different altitude, your prescription may need to be adjusted for this change.
  • Read and understand the safety precautions required for traveling and moving oxygen equipment.

Our Lincare location directory is available to meet your needs while away from home. If we do not have a location at your intended point of travel, contact your Local Center to assist you in making arrangements. Lincare equipment is not permitted outside the country, or anywhere there is not a Lincare Center to provide service.

The following states require an annual renewal of prescription: AL, AR, AZ, FL, KS, KY, MD, MN, MS, MT, NC, NV, OH, OK, and TN.

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