May 12, 2023

The Era of PAP Classes: What Can I Expect?

Author: Jessica Fox

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Discover what to expect during a PAP class. Our expertly designed PAP classes can connect you with other users who share in your challenges and experiences, providing you with a valuable educational experience. Join our PAP class today and take the first step towards better sleep and a healthier, happier you!

With the ever-growing demand for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machines, it is no surprise that the industry is undergoing significant changes. One such change is the rise of PAP Class setups, which allows multiple patients to attend a PAP class on how to use the CPAP device, its benefits, and how to ensure proper maintenance. This classroom setting can also offer an opportunity for patients to learn in a supportive and interactive environment while benefiting from the experiences of others in the class.

The PAP class can be beneficial for diverse types of patients, including those who are newly diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) or those who may need a refresher on how to use their CPAP device.

Here at Lincare, this is what you can expect from our PAP Class:
Event Check-In
  1. Each PAP Class participant will be required to sign a HIPAA Authorization form before entering the classroom setting.
  2. All Setup Paperwork will be signed prior to class.
  3. A Lincare representative will escort you to your assigned seat.
The Setup
  1. Introduction of Lincare staff and the agenda of the PAP class.
  2. Mask Fittings will be conducted, and education will be provided on the reorder of supplies through our CPAP Call Center.
  3. Demonstration of how to setup CPAP equipment.
  4. Hands-on use of your PAP device, the instructor will walk you through the operation and settings of the device.
  5. You will also be walked through setting up any applicable applications on your Smart devices.
  6. Hands-on use of your PAP device and smart device to identify current usage and mask leaks. A mask refit will be done at this time if needed.
  7. Compliance review and tips for meeting insurance compliance requirements.
  8. Complete the setup checklist.
  9. Q & A Session
  10. Closing of the class with a review of Lincare’s commitment to patient support and follow-up procedures.

These classes will provide a valuable educational experience for those patients with OSA. We understand that PAP classes may not be suitable for everyone, and patients who may want more individualized attention will still have the option of an individual or remote setup. If you have additional questions regarding your CPAP setup options, call to speak with one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives at your LOCAL LINCARE CENTER for more information.

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