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The AirSep® NewLife® Intensity oxygen concentrator is a cutting-edge device that offers dependable and effective high-pressure and high-flow oxygen therapy. It is built to conserve energy, resulting in reduced power consumption. The device also comes with safety features such as audible alarms for patients and caregivers, helping to ensure the patients' safety. Its user-friendly interface enables easy adjustment of settings based on the patient's requirements. These easy to maintain concentrators offer an outlet pressure of 20 psig and a flow capacity of up to 10 LPM in a single or dual flow configuration.
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Oxygen Therapy

Home oxygen therapy is a treatment that provides supplemental or extra oxygen, it treats chronic respiratory conditions.

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    What is the power consumption of the AirSep® NewLife® Intensity?


    The AirSep® NewLife® Intensity operates at 590 watts. The device has a power consumption of 120 VAC to 240 VAC and 50 Hz to 60 Hz.

    Can the AirSep® NewLife® Intensity concentrator be used 24/7?


    Yes. You can use your NewLife® Intensity for the whole day.

    How do I use home oxygen?


    You can use either an oxygen mask or nasal cannulas to deliver supplemental oxygen to your lungs. An oxygen mask fits over your nose and mouth, while a small, adjustable plastic tube, called a nasal cannula, attaches to your concentrator or tank and facilitates oxygen flow to your lungs. We have provided The Patient's Guide to Oxygen Therapy with more comprehensive information on oxygen treatment.

    *Use oxygen as prescribed by your practitioner.

    How big is the AirSep® NewLife® Intensity concentrator?


    The AirSep® NewLife® Intensity 10-liter oxygen concentrator weighs 58 lbs. It has a dimension of 27.5” x 16.5” x 14.5” or 69 cm x 41.9 cm x 36.8 cm.

    How do I choose a home oxygen supplier once my physician prescribes it?


    When selecting an oxygen supplier, you always have a choice. Find out if your potential supplier will deliver and install your equipment. See how flexible they are with delivery. Find out if they will bill Medicare or your insurance directly, if they provide in-home visits with a nurse or therapist, and whether they offer 24/7 service.
  • User Guides
  • User Guides

    The manufacturer's documentation for the CAIRE® AirSep® NewLife® Intensity Oxygen Concentrator is as follows:
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