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The Companion 5™ oxygen concentrator from CAIRE® is a reliable and efficient device that can generate up to 5 liters of oxygen per minute (LPM) for patients in need. Thanks to its ultraSILENT™ technology and user-friendly interface, using this device is a breeze. The Companion 5™ is so quiet that it produces only 40 dBA of noise at 2 LPM. The control panel is equipped with LED indicators, a flow control knob, and loud alarms to notify users of any issues that may arise during operation. To keep intake noise to a minimum, this device features a sophisticated intake filter and a two-chamber muffler. The exhaust gas is also silenced by the purge muffler, ensuring that noise levels remain at 40dBA at 2 LPM. The metal cannula barb provides a secure connection, and each unit comes with a humidifier bottle attachment feature.
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Oxygen Therapy

Home oxygen therapy is a treatment that provides supplemental or extra oxygen, it treats chronic respiratory conditions.

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Home Ventilator Care

Home care ventilators are an advanced form of respiratory therapy. They move oxygen directly into your lungs, thereby alleviating the strain of breathing unassisted. Lincare will work with you and your practitioner or caregiver to determine the frequency and home ventilator settings that are best for you.

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    How much does the CAIRE® Companion 5™ Stationary Oxygen Concentrator weigh?


    The CAIRE® Companion 5™ Stationary Oxygen concentrator weighs 36 pounds.

    Can I connect my CAIRE® Companion 5™ Stationary Oxygen Concentrator to a CPAP machine?


    It is possible to introduce oxygen into your CPAP machine using an oxygen enrichment adaptor. The concentrator also includes a port specifically for oxygen tubing connection.

    Do I need a prescription for an oxygen therapy device?


    To receive an oxygen therapy device, you need a prescription from your practitioner specifying the medical necessity and your flow rates for continuous or pulse flow use since oxygen is considered a prescription drug.

    Can I smoke while I’m using my oxygen concentrator?


    Do not smoke or have open flames near your oxygen concentrator or accessories.

    What is the autoFLOW™ Technology?


    CAIRE’s autoFLOW™ technology optimizes overall performance on the Companion 5™ concentrator

    • Adjusts valve cycle timing based on flow rates
    • Reduces compressor load by 25% at 2 LPM
    • Decreases wear on all major components
    • Consistent purity delivered at all flow rates
  • User Guides
  • User Guides

    The manufacturer's documentation for the CAIRE® Companion 5™ Stationary Concentrator is as follows:
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    PDF Vector Icon stock illustration
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Disclaimer: Information appearing on this website about this device is being provided for your convenience only. The complete information about this device should be obtained from the manufacturer. Please note that the device depicted is an example of what may be available. The actual device provided may be different. Device availability and inventory levels are subject to change without notice. Devices may require a valid prescription.

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