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The CAIRE® SeQual Eclipse 5 is a compact and lightweight portable oxygen concentrator that delivers medical-grade oxygen to individuals with respiratory conditions. With its advanced technology and user-friendly design the device features an easy to read display that provides real time data on oxygen levels, battery life, and settings. It also has an audible and visual alarm to alert users in case of low oxygen or any other detected issues. This device supports patients for 24/7 use, this all-in-one oxygen therapy device delivers both continuous flow from 0.5 to 3 LPM (Liters Per Minute) and pulse doses up to a setting of 9.
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    What is the battery life of the CAIRE® SeQual Eclipse 5?


    There is 5.4 hours of battery life at 2 pulse and 2 hours of battery life 2 LPM continuous flow.

    What is AutoSAT technology?


    The CAIRE® SeQual Eclipse 5 is equipped with AutoSAT Technology, which constantly monitors the user's breathing and provides additional therapy when inhalation is not detected. This technology adjusts the oxygen production according to the user's breath rate, ensuring that the user receives the appropriate amount of oxygen at all times.

    What are the alarms featured on the CAIRE® SeQual Eclipse 5?


    The CAIRE® SeQual Eclipse 5 has multiple alarms to alert patients of issues.

    The alarms have color-coded indicators to rank priority:

    • Low Priority = Yellow LED Light
    • High Priority = Red LED Light

    Some of the alarms included in this device include:

    • External Power Failure
    • Low Oxygen Flow
    • System Malfunction

    Can I smoke while I’m using my oxygen concentrator?


    Do not smoke or have open flames near your oxygen concentrator or accessories.
  • User Guides
  • User Guides

    The manufacturer's documentation for the CAIRE® SeQual Eclipse 5 Portable Oxygen Concentrator is as follows:
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