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The 525DS stationary concentrator from Drive DeVilbiss® has a maximum flow rate of 5 liters per minute and can provide oxygen concentration levels between 87% to 95%. It has a strong and sturdy construction with an easy-to-use interface that allows for hassle-free control and adjustment of oxygen levels. The device also has an indicator light and alarm to warn users of any potential issues or low oxygen levels.
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    What is turn-down technology?


    This oxygen concentrator incorporates turn-down technology. The internal Circuit Board constantly monitors the flow rate and will slow down the compressor at lower Flow Rates. As a result, the unit runs cooler, and less power is consumed. In turn, you will have a lower power bill, and the Oxygen Concentrator should run longer.

    How can I transport an oxygen concentrator in the car?


    The best method for transporting an oxygen concentrator is to secure it in the back seat by using a buckle or place it on the back floor of the vehicle. If needed, you can safely place it on its back in the trunk as long as it is held firmly in place.

    How can I tell if the oxygen purity is good?


    When the Green LED light is on, oxygen concentrator is producing 85% purity Oxygen. If purity falls below therapeutic levels, Yellow LED light will turn on.

    What length of Oxygen Tubing can I use with my Oxygen Concentrator?


    The maximum recommendation is not to exceed a bubble humidifier, a 50-foot-long extension hose, and a 7-foot-long nasal cannula.
  • User Guides
  • User Guides

    The manufacturer's documentation for the Drive DeVilbiss® 525DS Oxygen Concentrator is as follows:
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