March 01, 2023

Enteral Formula Shipment Delays

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Over the past year, Lincare has been managing manufacturer-driven enteral formula shortages.

The shortages were at first isolated to pediatric formulas; however, in the past months these shortages have broadened to now include adult formulas. Because of these shortages, many products remain on backorder from manufacturers. As a result, our team of dietitians has been working diligently with patients and practitioners alike on finding available products that are clinically appropriate for our patients. Unfortunately, due to these shortages and backordered products, we have been witnessing an overall increase in call volume, which has led to longer hold times for our patients.

We sincerely regret any delays you may have encountered in obtaining needed formula or otherwise in calling us about your enteral needs. We fully understand the impact these shortages and backorders have made, not only on our patients but everyone involved in their care. We trust these shortages and backorders will diminish over time, but in the meantime, we remain dedicated to continuing to find alternative solutions for our patients.

While product backorders are not limited to Abbott products, with respect to Abbott products, please see the linked letter from Abbott and reach out to them at 800-551-5838 if you have specific questions: View the March 2023 Note from Abbott

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