August 21, 2023

Empowering Independence: Navigating Life With Powered Mobility Devices

Author: Jessica Fox

Man using powered mobility while visiting with others
Powered mobility devices have been transforming the lives of many individuals with mobility impairments. These devices, which include powered wheelchairs and scooters, are designed to help people gain independence and improve their health-related quality of life. From social engagements to increased physical activity, there are numerous benefits to using power mobility devices.


One of the significant benefits of powered mobility devices is safety. The individual is more stable and secure while traveling in the device, thus reducing the risk of falls common in manual wheelchairs. However, proper use and maintenance are necessary to ensure safety. Regular maintenance checks and following manufacturer guidelines are necessary for these devices' optimal performance.


Powered mobility devices are designed to minimize body strain and pressure, ensuring a comfortable seating position. With the right adjustments, devices like power wheelchairs can promote better posture and prevent further health complications.

Increase Independence

Power mobility devices' overall increase independence. Individuals with mobility challenges often rely on others for basic activities like getting around or doing household tasks. Powered mobility devices may allow individuals to become more independent and assist in performing these basic activities.

Improve Mental Health

Individuals with mobility challenges often deal with stress and anxiety related to their conditions. Powered mobility devices may help reduce these negative emotions by giving individuals the freedom to move around independently and connect with others. Being able to lead a more independent and social life can help to improve overall mental health.

Overall, powered mobility devices have revolutionized the mobility market and have provided a sense of independence and freedom. These devices offer a range of benefits that enable individuals with mobility challenges to lead a more fulfilling life, both physically and emotionally.

The Lincare Powered Mobility team is here to help! We provide Group 2 Standard Power Wheelchairs, Scooters, and accessories. Our experienced team is well-versed in navigating through the difficult process of qualifying customers for power mobility and meeting insurance guidelines. Once your prescribing provider has ordered a powered mobility device with a valid prescription, it can be as easy as these 3 steps.

Step 1: Reach out to one of our professional care team members.

Step 2: We will communicate with your prescribing medical professional to obtain the required prescription and documentation. We will work with your insurance and process all the paperwork on your behalf.

Step 3: Once your insurance approves your power mobility device, you will receive your pre-approved Power mobility device delivery.

If you have additional questions regarding Lincare Powered Mobility, call to speak with one of our experienced Customer Service Representatives at 866-387-2668 for more information.

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