March 14, 2024

How to Register in Patient Portal

Author: Jessica Fox

Registration screen of Lincare's Patient Portal
These instructions provide step-by-step details, with images, to assist you with the registration process of Lincare's Patient Portal.

Why Register?

Lincare’s Patient Portal allows you access to:

  • Easy supply reordering
  • Convenient and secure bill pay
  • Dashboard to update insurance and other personal information
  • Secure messaging with the patient portal support team and more!
  • Our convenient and HIPAA-secure patient portal is here to help with just a few clicks.


1. Getting Started:
  • Enter your legal First Name and Last Name
  • Enter your Lincare Customer ID without the dashes (see where to find this)
  • Enter your Date of Birth
  • Click Continue
    screenshot of the questions asked during registration (name, id, and dob)

2. Identification Verification:
For added security, a second authentication method is required alongside your password. Your new patient portal profile will include all contact information from our internal systems.

  • Select your preferred contact method to receive verification code:
    • Email
    • Text
    • Call
  • Click send verification code
  • A code will be received based on the selected contact method
    screen showing MFA options (email, text or call)
On this screen:

  • Enter the received verification code into the box
  • Click Verify code
  • If you did not receive your code, you may click request a new code, you have a max of 5 request
    verification box

3. Create a username and password:

  • Create a username; this can be anything you want!
  • Create a password:
    • One Lowercase character (abc)
    • One Uppercase character (ABC)
    • One number (0-9)
    • One punctuation mark or special character
  • Read the terms of service
  • Check box to verify the agreement to terms of service
  • Click Save
    passwords must contain at least one lowercase, one uppercase, one number and one special character
    success messaging

TIP: Identify verification will be required if your last login was more than 31 days ago.

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